Neferhotep 360

Neferhotep 360 is an immersive 360-degree film that transports the viewer inside the Theban tomb 49 (TT49). It documents the research work and was carried out using images and research by the National Museum team that is part of a cooperation with the University of Buenos Aires, with the National Museum, University of Chieti and Pescara (Italy) and a team of freelance restorers funded by the Gerda Henkel Foundation.


Between 11/27 and 12/01/2023 this experience was shown at the IX SEMNA – 9th Egyptology Week of the National Museum. During this days, hundreds of people were able to watch the film with VR glasses, and most of them were amazed by the experience.

Click here to see more details about the Neferhotep 360 at SEMNA 2023.


Since 1999, the tomb has been investigated through a project coordinated by Dr. Violeta Pereira, professor at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2014, the National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro became part of the Neferhotep project, a project that currently also includes the collaboration of researchers from the Universities of Chiêti and Pescara in Italy and German restorers.

In the 2023 campaign, researchers were focused on finalizing the documentation of the tomb. In this sense, one activity carried out was the digital epigraphy work that aimed to produce a systematic record of the images and texts present on the walls of the tomb. As results, the group use the photogrammetry to register 3D material of the tomb, walls and artifacts.

These photogrammetric materials can be viewed and manipulated through our 3D website viewer, which can be accessed by clicking here.